Basic Requirements

Welcome! We’re excited to have you as a fellow camper. If you’re interested in joining us, here’s some information about what we require for anyone wishing to camp with The Future at Burning Man:

Qualifying to Join the Camp

To camp with The Future, you must satisfy one of the following requirements:

ALUMNI: You’ve camped with The Future before. You’re familiar with how the camp operates, what’s involved in schedule/logistics/infrastructure, what’s expected of you as a camper. You’ve done your chores and been in good standing in the camp, and you bring no drama from previous years with you. It’s great to have you back with us!

IMPORT: You’ve been to Burning Man before, and you’re familiar with how things go out there. The craziness, the uncertainty, the emotional outpouring — you’ve experienced it, and you’re ready to do it again, but this time with a different camp. You’ve done Burning Man planning before, and are choosing The Future as Your Camp To Join in this coming year. Welcome!

SPONSORED: You’ve never been to Burning Man before, but you have a friend (or friends) who are alumni of The Future whom you’d love to camp with. Every Alumni and Import is allowed to Sponsor one person whom they think would be a good fit in The Future. (Multiple Sponsored may be allowed, depending upon the situation.) Let’s make your first Burn fantastic!

How to Sponsor a New Camper

Each Alumni is personally responsible for their Sponsored camper, and needs to ensure that they have everything they need for the Burn. This means they can do their shopping/planning/etc. together, and/or point the Sponsored in the direction of our wiki page, Facebook, Slack, etc. The main point, again, is personal responsibility.

If a Sponsored camper turns out to be a bad fit, causes drama, reneges on their duties, etc., they will most likely not be invited back to the camp. Depending upon the situation, the Alumni may also have their Sponsoring privileges revoked and/or also not be invited back to the camp. Take this into consideration when you decide to invite your friends!

The camp as a whole, especially the other Future Alumni, must meet each Sponsored camper before Burning Man, unless it is otherwise impossible to do so. If an in-person arrangement cannot be made, the Sponsored camper and their Alumni must make an effort to attend social gatherings, join the Facebook and/or Slack, and generally be involved in the camp goings-on.

Camp Dues

Camp Dues are due (hey!) as soon as possible after you’ve signed up and been approved to join The Future. The due fees increase as we get closer to the event, and the amount you can be refunded (should you need to drop out) will similarly decrease. Be sure you’re in for camping with us when you fill out your registration form!

Camper Paid Jun 1 – Jul 15 Paid Jul 16 – Aug 15 Paid Aug 16/later
Standard $350 $450 $450
Patron $1000 $1100 $1100
Refunds 50% 25% 0%

What Do Dues Get Me?

The following amenities are provided to everyone who pays their dues to The Future:

– Water for the entire week + an available grey water tank (food/cleaning liquids, NO waste)

– Fully-cooked meals every day for dinner, with vegetarian options available

– Breakfast: eggs, bacon, coffee, oatmeal, and pancakes if we’re feeling frisky

– Full supply of camp snacks, plus a decent supply of camp alcohol

– Shade for your tent (should you be camping in one)

– Placement with The Future; we have a history of prime locations and even got onto the Esplanade once!

– Membership in a collective of really fantastic people, many of whom have gone to Burning Man for several years in a row!

Campers vs. Patrons

Standard campers in the Future are required to work three (3) work shifts throughout the week; these range from post-meal cleanup to barbacking, and none are too taxing. In addition, teardown is required ALL DAY on Sunday (after the Man burns). Patron campers are welcome to all of the amenities of the camp, but are exempt from work shifts.

Please note: We are NOT a plug’n’play/turnkey/sherpa camp! Patrons won’t be pampered — and should not receive, nor expect to receive, preferential and/or any form of special treatment — they just won’t have any scheduled tasks on playa. More often than not, they’ve also usually lent a hand to help out for certain tasks.

Ready to camp with The Future?

Fill out the registration form HERE!

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