Camp Info / Layout

Camp Acculturation

Our primary acculturation features are radical inclusion, immediacy, and participation. Our camp’s layout offers plenty of chances for great experiences and interactions, and we always wish to include everyone who might approach the camp looking to explore — diversity is super important to us. We offer up our various spaces of interactive art as a gift to the city. The squid monument, while requiring effort for reward (climbing), is designed in a way that someone with limited athletic ability can get to the top, and the altar and social area are fully available to the accessibility needs of any visiting Burners.

We have a significant number of first-time Burners in our camp, and we encourage them to participate in all of the many parts that fit our camp together. This includes everything from art selection, to party plans, and even to the preparation of chore shifts and construction schedules — we work to engage everyone’s self-expression while designing the core concepts within our camp. We have one veteran as our designated Virgin Lead, who organizes on- and off-Playa events specifically for acculturation and preparation of our virgin Burners. We also pair our newcomers with other long-time Burners within our camp, to help each other prepare for the event and acclimate to the environment. These veterans take the newcomers out exploring to encourage participation in random discoveries found within the city, and are highly instrumental in helping them to pursue their own adventures (and develop their sense of radical self-reliance).

As long-time residents of the 4:30 Sector, we frequently visit our neighbors in the mornings and afternoons, share stories of travels and discoveries at Burning Man, and invite them to our camp for parties and other social gatherings. We keep our sound loud enough to inspire a hardworking attitude during Build week, but respect the auditory and physical boundaries that our sound may reach as other camps work to get the sector built. We happily provide an open and safe space to anyone who may wish to visit; we believe that intersectionality is the most crucial aspect of culture in  Black Rock City and the Default World alike.

Physical Description


Along the north side of the camp (letter road) is our interactive art. From west to east:

– the 12′ trampoline
– the 20’x20’x20′ fully-climbable metal pipe structure, the “squid monument”. This structure includes viewing platforms, a cargo net to lounge in, and a couch at the very top. On ground level there will be a pressure-sensitive 8’x8′ LED dance floor and a bar.
– the 24′ “squid temple” dome: a shady comfy chill out space filled with couches, rugs and pillows and at night will be lit with an impressive interactive color changing LED matrix. Squid rituals and other gatherings will also occur here.

The interactive art areas will have 4 bike racks for visitors to park while they participate in our art. Our frontage will be decorated with vertical squid banners, tentacles wrapped around the pipes, squids atop them (a la Christmas tree toppers). The pipe monument and 24′ dome will be lit with several thousand color-changing LEDs, and we have some UV reactive banners and paintings. Our camp will be well lit and inviting at night!

A large camp banner will emblazon one of our two shipping containers on the eastern frontage of the camp; the other is just south of the trampoline (on the western side). Each is 20’x8.6′ in size. The eastern container will serve as an anchor point for our tent shade: four large Monkeyhuts, each one 15’x40′ in size and able to hold between 5 and 6 tents apiece, arranged in a 2×2 formation.

The western container will serve as the backing wall for our kitchen and camp chill space. This is made up of carports, totaling 60’x20′ in size. The carports and workshop dome will serve as an artificial partition to help separate the private camp space from the public interactive art.

In the private camp space, we will have 4 hexayurts (each 14’x16′ in size) along with additional room in case additional hexayurts are added. We will have 2 bike racks for campers’ bikes, as well as a shaded area set up for water (grey water box + fresh water barrels + pallet-based shower).

The southern section of the camp will be separated from whichever camp is south of us via the cars used by our campers. We also have a 12′ fire lane running along the western edge of the camp, right near the kitchen.