2017 Art Theme: All Hail The Squid


We’ve recently discovered that the most futuristic of creatures are squids — they are highly adaptable and remarkably intelligent, moreso than we often describe dolphins to be. If ever there would be a creature to survive past nuclear wars and the world ending, it would likely be the squid, and thus the Future has taken up the quest to ritualize and proselytize the teachings of our cephalopod masters. All of our art pieces, events, and many of our outfits, are centered around the celebration and worship of squids.

Interactive Art

12027574_10100686086523930_9154416447189438575_nSquid monument

Our main piece of art is a celebratory monument to squids: a huge (20’x20’x20′) climbing structure made of steel pipes in a 3-dimensional grid shape, emblazoned with paintings, tentacles, and other squid art. These pipes can be climbed over, around, and through, all the way to the top of the structure. Many of the pipes are illuminated with colored LED lighting. The monument can be entered to reach an altar, where cocktails, beer and other alcoholic drinks are served, and most of our parties will center here. Above the altar itself, about 12′ off the ground, is a thick rope net, within which visitors and acolytes can lounge about and chill. There are wooden platforms at various heights (forming a staircase up and down the structure) and the famed “Space Couch” at the very top — a popular spot to hang out and watch the city go by.

Temple of the Squid

Rituals to our squid masters will be performed in a 24′ diameter dome, whose ceiling glimmers with the light of 2,850 individually addressable LEDs that respond to movement, button presses, and other instruments within in the dome. Guests can gather here, lounge on pillows and blankets, and interact with the dome’s LED system.

The Wandering Slot Machine

Too many people plan their days/weeks/minutes in advance, and we aim to increase randomness and spontaneity into how people experience Burning Man. Through a slot machine that randomizes your starting direction and end goal, we will send people in unpredictable directions, promoting “playa adventures” and the exploration of places people would not otherwise go.

Parties and Events

‘Straya Day

As Australia is definitely the most “futuristic” and squidworthy place on the planet, we’re celebrating it for our biggest party at Burning Man. We’ll have classic Aussie tunes, gift cocktails from Down Under, and continue our tradition of playing “Goon of Fortune” — an Australian tradition involving a rotary clothesline with bagged booze on it. Whoever is under the “goon” bags — this year themed as squids — when the clothesline stops spinning has to drink, guaranteeing drunken fun for all. We also team up with a regional coordinator and other Aussies to get out the word for this party and provide the best space for international Burners to contribute to this event.


Before going on great swimming expeditions with our squidly overlords, one will need to feel relaxed while getting your stretch on, and what better way than to drink while doing yoga? Join us for Droga — Dr(unken Y)oga — to recover from a wild week of parties with some calming fitness. Wine, whiskey, and poses both flattering and titillating will be available for all to partake in.

Squid Mass

Dressed in robes for our tentacley masters, we will lead an invocation and mass for the worship of squids. We will paint ritualistic images of squids on participants with disappearing ink and temporary tattoos, prepare spoken words to be said (and leading visitors in our chants), and serve “squid ink drinks” with activated charcoal for color.